Mandarikan, Asheta, Agbelebota

They are spells prepared in powders and soap used to return any kind of curse that is done against you. (Note: These are spells classified as ISHEGUN OTÁ against the enemy.)

Ashegbe, Aforan

They are spells used to get rid of police problems and justice. (Note: This magic is applied to people who commit illegal situations, so as not to be condemned.)

Oogun isoye

Magic used to strengthen and acquire a good memory. This magic is widely used for people who work with accounts or are studying and taking courses.


They are powders prepared in the honey used for the person to hold the desired person. (Note: Consult the babalawo to find out how to use this spell).


They are spells prepared in creams, perfumes, soap and powder, for luck on the sentimental side.


They are spells prepared in gourds (sheres), soaps, powder (which is mixed in the GIN) to obtain large amounts of money. (note: It is always good to consult the priest before using this spell).

Afàro, Aworo, Afero

They are spells prepared in powder, soap, creams and body oil used to attract large numbers of customers (used for people who work with the public).

Oshe Awure

They are soaps prepared with magic for people to bathe to attract luck, propriety, good business wherever the person is.

Igba Awure

They are gourds prepared with certain spells and hung on door frames of houses or shops to attract customers.


They are spells used to attract luck in financial, business and so on.


Magic used by priests when doing prayer rituals to avoid getting negativity from the querent.


Spells for you to have honor and respect in the places where you are and also to get rid of some evil in the places where you are.


Afoshe is a magic used by the babalawos and babalorisas to perform rituals of work, so that everything he speaks of the strength in the word to carry out his oblivious more quickly.


This magic is used for protection against negativity and curse, this magic anyone can use.


This magic is for you to convince the person to do what you want, being used a lot by traders or people who want to use business sales. (This spell is also part of the aposhe classification).


This is a magic used by priests in great rituals within the orisha cult, being initiates and erubi (correctly only babalawos can use this magic, but he is a deity is not an instrument).

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